Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy Cuisine From a Heavenly Kitchen

1) What is the difference between Raga and other brands?

Raga was one of the first to introduce modular kitchens in India. The Kitchen Specialist has mastered the art of kitchen-making through years of innovation and development. Today, Raga offers the widest range of kitchen solutions in the country, with the expert services of over 150 Specialist designers, and the assurance of a top quality factory-finished kitchen that lasts for years to come.

2) Is Raga an affordable or an expensive brand?

Raga serves the needs of all customers – from the budget-wise middle income group to the class-seeking elite. Whether you are looking for complete renovation, or a simple design upgrade, the brand has the perfect solution for you.

3) How long does it take to make a Raga kitchen?

After the final design is approved, the kitchen making process takes about 35-40 days. A solid wood kitchen will take approximately 75 days.

4) What is the minimum budget of a Raga modular kitchen?

The price depends on the kitchen size and requirements, but a standard kitchen could cost approximately 1 lac.

5) Why don’t we provide rates/prices in the catalogue?

Every product is customized as per the size, material quality and design. It is difficult to provide a price on the same. We encourage you to visit your nearest Raga showroom and discuss your kitchen quote.

6) Why do we charge a fee for a site visit?

Raga believes that it is important to provide the consumer with a realistic picture of the kitchen design and budget to help him take an informed decision. We thus put in extra effort by sending our senior design Specialist for a site visit. Based on the size of your kitchen and your requirements, the designer gives you design ideas and approximate budget to help you make your decision. The cost of the site visit is adjusted against the final price of your kitchen.

7) Why doesn’t Raga make kitchens for commercial spaces?

Raga is a Specialist in creating residential kitchen design. Kitchens for commercial uses (hotels, canteens, etc.) have different material and design requirements, which Raga does not offer.

8) Does Raga also undertake tiling and civil work?

We have experienced workers who undertake tiling, counter tops, and other civil work and we provide an estimate for the same. In case the customer wants to go with his own contractor, our designers can provide a civil drawing with the supervisor’s advice.

9) How can you be sure that you are getting genuine Raga products?

The Raga hologram is etched on wire accessories and hardware, as well as on Raga appliances like chimneys and hobs. Also look for the authorization stamp for accessory and appliance dealers at the outlet you visit.

10) What is the warranty for channels that Raga provides?

Telescopic Channels – Channels in MS (mild steel) with black powder coating come with a one-year warranty. Nova Pro Channels – Soft-closing Channels (40 kg and 70 kg load bearing) come with a 5 year warranty.

11) Advantages and disadvantages of shutters in MDF?

MDF is reasonably priced compared to Marine Ply and can be used for cabinets which do not come in direct contact with water like wall cabinets.

12) Why should we go with Marine Ply?

Marine Ply is water-proof and pest-treated. Because it does not rot, puff or sag, a kitchen made with Marine Ply lasts a really long time.

13) Does Raga offer any warranty?

Raga offers various warranties on its products, as well as a maintenance service to ensure your Raga kitchen is always in good condition.

  • Lifetime rust-free warranty on SS 304 wire baskets.
  • Exclusive 5-year warranty on Marine Ply shutters.
  • 1-year free kitchen warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • 5-year Annual Maintenance Contract (optional, with a nominal charge).